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Drum Circle Meditation

Drum Circle Meditation is an ancient form of group meditation which has been practiced around the globe for millennia. More than 2500 years ago, the drum was an important component of various Buddhist traditions. Even today, most Buddhist temples and monasteries of most traditions still use drums in practice, and increasingly and, significantly, in meditation practice.

There are many things you can take away from a Drum Circle. Most participants see participation in a drumming circle as a disconnection from thought as you let go into the music and rhythm. The non-attached meditative awareness is euphoric and “freeing”. 

You should expect to sit in a circle within a group, each with a drum. The tempo of the drums starts slow and gradually builds to a climax. Usually there is a group member who guides the tempo so the tempo does not get out of hand. The unison sounds of the drums beating and slowly building creates a relaxing and euphoric atmosphere, where the concentration and participation add to a presence within the movement.

Drum circles are becoming increasingly mainstream as more people realize the healing benefits of drum meditation in group settings.

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