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Massage Treatments Deeping - Peterborough - Stamford - Spalding - Bourne

Massage Treatments

At Feathers, we have a wide range of Massage treatments to chose from. All of our Masseuses are fully qualified and trained to provide the best level of treatments. The Feathers Holistic Centre is convieniently located for customer in the Spalding area.

Massage treatments can be used to treat many chronic or acute conditions such as sciatica, back pain, frozen shoulder, whiplash, muscle tension, CFS, sluggish lymphatic system, impaired circulation, repetitive strain and many other musculoskeletal and neurological disorders.

If you are unsure as to which massage treatment you require, all of our masseuses can guide you to the best course of treatment. Alternatively, or for more information, please visit our therapies page.

Therapeutic Massage | Deep Tissue Massage | Swedish Massage | Indian Head Massage | Hot Stone Massage | Thai Massage  
Therapeutic Massage | Deep Tissue Massage | Swedish Massage | Indian Head Massage | Hot Stone Massage | Thai Massage  
Therapies & Treatments
Finding a Therapy or Treatment to suit you is easy. Please see our therapy page for the range of treatments our practitioners specialise in.
We have a variety of experts that are all fully trained in a wide range of holistic treatments, classes and therapies.
Perfect Location
Quiet Picturesque setting in the suburbs, surrounded by beautiful gardens 
Affordable Prices
Competitive Prices and Flexible time slots with generous sized rooms
Friendly Team
A Variety of Practitioners all under one roof creating community support.

Please note:

We would like to remind potential clients that Feathers have a strict policy that underpants or underwear must be worn for massages. Our masseuse's do not massage the groin area. This is for your security and our therapists. Thank you.

Contact the centre
For more information becoming one of our practitioners and/or to rent one of our rooms please get in touch
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