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Feathers Holistic Centre


  • The Centre - Is there Parking at the centre?
    Yes! We have loads of parking spaces ideal for any number of large groups. Plus parking is FREE of charge to anyone using the centre.
  • The Centre - Do you cater to disabled individuals?
    Yes! We have disabled parking bays and ground level therapies with access.
  • The Centre - I don't see opening times on the website, when are you open?"
    That's because it depends on the therapies and treatments that are scheduled each day. Just make sure you contact the appropriate Practitioner if you wish to book a therapy with them, they will discuss your appointment times. For Events, especially drop in events, we will be open at the times dispalyed on our event page. For Room Hire inquiries, please contact Jill on 07725 513738 to arrange an appointment to see the centre.
  • The Centre - Cancellations
    It is Feathers Holistic Centre Policy that bookings may be cancelled with at least 24 hours notice, any cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will be charged in full. Practitioners at the Center have put this policy in place to be fair to all their clients. IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE: If you want to change or cancel your bookings you must do so via the practitioner you have booked with. You CAN NOT change or cancel by calling the Centre.
  • Room Hire - How can I become a practitioner at the centre?
    The Centre does not hire practitioners to provide services. Instead, the practitioners at the Centre own and control their own practices and have chosen to hire a room at Feathers to see their clients. As business owners, therapists set their own schedules, pricing, breaks, type of work performed, and how they perform their services. If you’re interested in learning more about locating your own practice at this unique space, please contact us on 07725 513738 and visit our Room Hire page for more info.
  • Massage Therapies - I am unsure which massage treatment I need.
    No problem. Contact one of our massage practitioners and they can guide you to the best treatment for you. You can get an idea of the different massage treatments under our Therapies page to give you an overview of each treatment.
  • Massage Therapies - What should I wear?
    At Feathers, we only expose the areas we need to work on and leave the rest covered with a towel. The most important thing is make sure you wear something you can relax in, if you are only having your top half massaged, such as a neck and shoulder massage, make sure you are wearing sensible and relaxing bottoms such as loose trousers rather than tight fitting jeans. If you are having your lower half massaged also, please bring some loose shorts to change into. We would like to remind potential clients that Feathers have a strict policy that underpants or underwear MUST be worn for all massages. Our masseuse's do not massage the groin area. This is for your security and our therapists.
  • Massage Therapies - Should I expect results immediately
    This will depend on a few things such as your ailments, the treatments for the condition, how severe the pain is etc. Some people walk away from a single massage therapy session feeling immediate relief, others have felt a physical improvement from their massage session the next day or a few days later, and some have required a series of regularly scheduled massage therapy sessions in order to notice significant improvements. It is important to remember that some conditions may be induced by work, sleep or exercise and regular activities mean regular appointments will be beneficial. Just remember to talk to your massage therapist about your expectations and they can guide you through the proces.
  • Yoga - What if I'm not very flexible?
    That's fine, one of the best ways of doing that is by doing Yoga. Flexibility is a process that evolves with one’s yoga practice. The body will develop in flexibility and strength at an individual rate, and a commitment towards regular practice will enhance anyone’s flexibility.
  • Yoga - What should I wear?
    It is important to be comfortable during yoga and your clothes should be flexible enough to offer a freedom of movement. Women tend to wear shorts or leggings with vests or crop tops and men usually wear shorts with a t-shirt.
  • Yoga - Can I eat before class?
    It is recommended to refrain from eating for 2 hours before a class, but it’s a good idea to drink plenty of water right up until the start. You may wish to have some fruit or a non-dairy smoothie if you’d prefer not to exercise on an empty stomach or have something light like a water based soup.
  • Meditation - What should I expect at a Guided Meditation class?
    Meditation can be difficult to master as it requires training the mind and a lot of practice. With guided meditation, you are encouraged to emerse yourself in the journey the practioner lays out. This way your mind is guided in the right direction. On this journey, you will be lying down, comfortable and relaxed. All that it required is to emerse your mind by listening to the Meditation guru as they guide you through a journey. The destination of this journey will change each time, and be completely improvised, which allows a creative flow and is not held back by any boundaries.
  • Meditation - How should I dress?
    There are no special requirements, but comfortable clothing is generally best. We ask people to leave their shoes outside the room, so in winter you may find it helpful to bring along some warm socks to wear.
  • Crystal Workshop - What Can I expect?
    Our workshops will help those who would like to understand more about crystals and their effects, how they can be used daily for personal use to enhance our holistic health. On our beginner course you will get a set of Chakra crystals that you will use in the day, and they will be yours to keep after the workshop. It is a really relaxed atmosphere with no dress code and light refreshments included.
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Contact the centre

For more information becoming one of our practitioners and/or to rent one of our rooms please get in touch

At Feathers Holistic Centre we hire rooms or have rooms to rent for therapists and practitioners. Ranging from small one on one treatment rooms to large yoga studios we have lots of room sizes to choose from. At affordable prices, perfect location and a friendly team Feathers is ideal for therapists in Market Deeping or The Deepings, Peterborough, Spalding, Stamford & Bourne.

Frognall | Deeping St James | Market Deeping | Deeping St Nicholas | West Deeping | Peterborough | Stamford | Spalding | Bourne | Cambridge | Northampton | Boston | Oakham | Grantham | Wisbech | Leicester | Sleaford | Huntingdon | Kettering | Corby | Kings Lynn | Lincoln | East Anglia | East Midlands | Lincolnshire | Cambridgeshire | Northamptonshire | Norfolk
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