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Counselling is a talking therapy that can help you find ways to deal with emotional issues. It involves talking to a therapist to try and resolve or alleviate these issues or find emotional peace and come to terms with these issues.

At your appointment, you'll be encouraged to talk about your feelings and emotions with a trained therapist, who'll listen and support you without judging or criticising.

The therapist can help you gain a better understanding of your feelings and thought processes, and find your own solutions to problems. 

Counselling can help with 

  • Sudden and Traumatic Death

  • Safeguarding and Protection from Abuse

  • Working with gender identity

  • Anticipatory grief

  • Working with diversity

  • Working with anger

  • Understanding self-harm

  • Working with children and young people

  • Autism spectrum disorder and grief

  • Bereaved through murder

  • Working creatively with masks

  • Group facilitation

Different Counselors will help you find these solutions in different ways. It is always worth contacting our selection of Counselors to see who feels right and fits right with you.

Practitioners at Feathers Holistic Centre specialising in this Therapy

Louise Ranger

Humanistic Therapeutic Counsellor

Counselling for Adults

Equine Assisted Therapy

Registered Member of the BACP


Psychology Session
Girl in Therapy

Sally Warr

Counsellor / Integrative Therapist / Wellbeing coach

Counselling for Adults

Well-Being Coach

Registered Member of the BACP


Contact the centre
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