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Book our Events Online

You can now book an event or class online via the events page. It's easy, convenient and hassle free.

Bookable events include:

Guided Meditation

Fortnightly Guided Meditation Classes.

Crystal Workshops

This workshop will help those who would like to understand more about crystals and their effects.

Full Moon - Drum Circles

4 Weekly Drum Circle under the Full Moon.

New Moon - CaCao Meditation

Every 4 weeks we will get together to drink and absorb the wondeful uplifting benefits of the ceremonial CaCao (You may know as the ingredient in Chocolate).

Clairvoyant Evenings

Evenings of mediumship and the sharing of messages from loved one.

Laughter Yoga

Reduce stress and anxiety with our group Laughter Yoga - Fun for Adults and Children.

Yoga Sessions

All Ability Yoga Classes, which aims to balance the mind, body and spirit.

Massage Treatments

Various Massage treatments available from our various practitioners.

Don't forget to keep an eye on our events page for more bookable events coming in 2023.

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