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Feathers Holistic Centre Open Day

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Open Day Saturday 14th September 2019

Welcome to everyone!

Come down to the centre on our open day to explore the Centre and it's beautiful gardens, meet & greet with our wonderful therapists, get involved in some workshops if you wish, and special deals and vouchers on various treatments. Free light refreshments on the day and Free Parking on site.

Who will be there?

Massage Therapists

Jill Eve -

Lisa Clark -

Bamboo Massage

Chocolate Massage

Yoga Instructors

Ally Silverwood -

Emma Toms -

Yoga instructor

Ultrasound + Babybond -

Women's health - Fertility scans, Pelvic scans, Post menopausal screening

Men's health - Abdominal scans, prostate, ureters, testes & scrotum scans

General - Soft tissue lumps & bumps, vascular screening, musculoskeletal, sports injuries, RSI

Baby - 2D, 3D & 4D pregnancy scans, advanced HD ultrasound technology


Tracey Peplow -

Registered Member of the BACP

Louise Ranger -

Equine Assisted Therapy

Registered Member of the BACP


Physiokey -

Drug FREE Pain FREE - Pain relief treatment

Beauty Treatments

Lisa Clark -

Crystal Healers

Jill Eve -

Meditation Gurus

Ally Silverwood -

Jill Eve -

If you have ever wanted to know more on the various treatments we offer at Feathers this open day provides the platform, with informal chats and special vouchers to help inform and get involved.

For more info contact Jill - 07725 513738

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