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Swedish massage vs Deep tissue massage

A common question asked by clients is what is the difference between a Swedish massage and a Deep tissue massage? A Deep tissue massage also being referred to as a Sports Massage, but they are both one in the same.

Both have their own benefits to anyone wanting massage but to simplify the benefits for you, here are the most significant points:

Swedish body massage

  • Consists of specific strokes-sliding, kneading and stroking and vibration and percussive movements.

  • Passive and active movements of the clients body, flexing the joints and stretching and bending of the limbs as required.

  • It includes firm or light pressure on the muscles whilst using the strokes mentioned above.

  • It improves circulation and blood flow, eases body tension, improves flexibility.

  • Improves lymph flow and therefore drainage, stimulates the nervous system.

  • Reduces emotional and physical stress.

  • Works well with other therapy such as aromatherapy.

Deep tissue massage

  • Get deeper into the muscles and connective tissue to clear spasms

  • Usually used on smaller injuries and chronic muscle tension

  • Targets muscle spasm, sports injuries, whiplash, aids postural alignment

  • Works layer by layer releasing tension in the muscle and connective tissue and going into the deepest layer accessible to facilitate changes.

  • Thumbs, elbows, hands, fists, forearms and fingers are used to massage.

  • Slow deliberate and specific strokes are used for massage

  • This massage stretches fascia and supports muscles, bones, nerves and organs

So what is best for me?

It is always best to talk to your massage therapist to discuss your treatments and expectations, their qualifications and experience will guide you to the best course of treatment for you.

Swedish Massage is great for - relaxation, increased circulation, improved mental state, relief of muscle tension and pain and improved deeper sleep. Deep tissue is great for-deeper chronic muscular pain, better posture and better range of motion. This will give you a good idea of the type of massage you may think you require when you speak to your therapist.

There are also many other massage therapies to consider. To book a massage treatment or for more information please contact one of our massage Practitioners.

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