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Gong & Sound Bath Therapy

Gong meditation is a unique type of sound therapy that involves using therapeutic gong sounds and vibrations to bring about healing. This practice is commonly referred to as a “gong bath” or "sound bath" because participants are “bathed” in gong sound waves. 
Gong sound therapy has been practiced for thousands of years. Today, practitioners believe that gong baths can help reduce stress, be extremely relaxing and liberate emotional blockages.

Usually the session consists of clients lying down on meditation mats in comfy clothes, head on a comfy pillow, covered in a blanket/duvet. All that is required is to close your eyes and relax. Your instructor will guide you through the session. Initially, the gong is played very softly; as the meditation session progresses, the volume is gradually increased. The volume will always be relaxing so it never reaches uncomfortable levels.

Private 2 - 6 People Gong Sessions available to book - get in touch with Jill below for pricing and availability.

Practitioners at Feathers Holistic Centre specialising in this Therapy

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