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The therapist uses the reflex points on the feet and or hands to relieve tension and treat any in-balance in the body.


The reflexologist does not claim to diagnose, cure or prescribe. This ancient form of treatment dates back to around 2330 BC being used by many cultures as an holistic therapy.


It connects with all of the body’s reflex points, is a totally individual treatment, identifying areas of the body that may be under physical or non-physical factors that may be affecting our daily well-being. It stimulates nerve function, increases energy, eliminates toxins, increases circulation, speeds up recovery after illness or injury, induces a deep state of relaxation and restores the balance of the body’s functions.

Practitioners at Feathers Holistic Centre specialising in this Therapy

Please note:

We would like to remind potential clients that Feathers have a strict policy that underpants or underwear must be worn for all massages. Our masseuse's do not massage the groin area. This is for your security and our therapists. Thank you.

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