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Wellness Retreats

Restore your energy and let in the visions and inspiration throughout a day of peace and discovery. No temptations and no distractions.


Fully inclusive packages give you results for a lighter body, a calmer mind and the time and space to remember the importance of feeling good about yourself. 

This full packed, guided day of relaxation will include:


Guided meditation.
Learn breathing techniques to light your fire, learn to ground, and relax.
Relaxing in our tranquil space, giving yourself time to think in peace.
Drum journey of discovery.

Creating vision boards.

Creating gratitude boards.
Release any heaviness with yoga breathing and toning.
Set manifestations, with help and advice.
Find balance and equilibrium.
Share nourishing food to feed your mind and body.
Understand how to connect with what you want and need, for your body, mind and spirit.
Gift bag to take home. 

Your fully qualified practitioner for this journey

Contact the centre
For more information becoming one of our practitioners and/or to rent one of our rooms please get in touch
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